"Cortona Rapid Author" is a part of Cortona, a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) service. Cortona Rapid Author is a software tool that accelerates the process of creating and managing product documentation.
Cortona Rapid Author helps professionals such as technical writers, engineers, and product designers transform complex product information into user-friendly documentation. This software tool enables users to create documentation enriched with interactive 3D graphics, animations, and visual elements.
The key features of Cortona Rapid Author are as follows:
3D Model Integration: Cortona Rapid Author can import product 3D models and designs and embed them into documentation. This allows users to visually explain different parts, assembly processes, or functions of the product.
Interactive Elements: The software tool allows users to make documentation interactive. Users can perform operations such as rotation, zooming, and panning on 3D models, add animations, and make the documentation more engaging.
Multilingual Support: Cortona Rapid Author supports creating documentation in multiple languages. This feature enables easy creation of documentation tailored to different markets or regions.
Easy Editing and Updating: The software tool facilitates easy editing and updating of documentation. Users can edit text, update visuals and 3D models, and export the documentation to different formats.
Cortona Rapid Author is a powerful PLM tool that helps effectively create and manage product documentation. With its user-friendly interface and rich features, it is a valuable software tool for technical writers and engineers.

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