"Production Process Management" (PPM) is the title that refers to the services provided by a PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) system. It encompasses the planning, monitoring, and control of a company's production process. PPM involves a set of management activities used to effectively manage production operations, aiming to enhance production efficiency, reduce costs, improve quality, and ensure customer satisfaction.
Production process management is typically a part of PLM services, which manage all stages of a product's lifecycle. It specifically focuses on the production stage within the PLM framework.
Production process management generally involves the following key activities:
Production Planning: Successful execution of the production process requires comprehensive production planning. It encompasses determining production quantities, creating production schedules, and planning materials and resources.
Production Monitoring and Control: Monitoring and controlling the production process involves tracking production performance and determining if the set objectives are being met. This includes collecting production data, analyzing it, and taking appropriate actions.
Quality Management: Quality management ensures that quality standards are met throughout the production process and addresses any quality issues. This encompasses quality control activities and involves establishing and monitoring quality standards to ensure customer expectations are fulfilled.
Efficiency and Improvement: Continuously improving production efficiency is a crucial aspect of production process management. It involves analyzing business processes, identifying efficiency gaps, and planning and implementing productivity-enhancing activities.
Supply Chain Management: Effective management of materials and resources within the supply chain is a part of production process management. It includes activities such as material sourcing, inventory management, supplier relationships, and logistics, ensuring the smooth flow of inputs for the production process.
This provides a general overview of production process management. Specific applications and strategies may vary depending on each company's needs and industry. However, at its core, production process management involves planning, monitoring, and controlling the production process efficiently and effectively, along with quality management, efficiency improvement, and supply chain management activities.

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