"Model-Based Engineering" (MBE) is an approach used within Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) services that focuses on capturing, managing, and utilizing information and data about a product through models throughout its lifecycle.
In the Model-Based Engineering approach, various aspects of a product such as its physical characteristics, performance, behavior, and requirements are represented using digital models. These models can include 3D geometry, functional features, simulation results, manufacturing information, and other relevant data.
The key features of Model-Based Engineering are as follows:
Centralized Data Management: The Model-Based Engineering approach is based on storing and managing product information in a centralized database. This allows different teams and stakeholders to work based on the same dataset, access up-to-date information, and ensure data integrity.
Integrated Collaboration: Model-Based Engineering facilitates collaboration and communication across different disciplines. Models provide a common language and understanding among engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, and other departments. This reduces design errors, accelerates processes, and improves quality.
Automated Verification and Analysis: Models can be used in conjunction with automated verification and analysis tools. This enables quick evaluation of design performance, compliance, manufacturability, and other criteria. Errors and issues can be identified and corrected at early stages.
Change Management: Model-Based Engineering supports an effective change management process to handle the impact of changes. Changes are made on the models, and these changes are automatically reflected in other dependent models and documents.
The Model-Based Engineering approach offers a more efficient, effective, and innovative approach compared to traditional document-based engineering processes. It enhances quality, reduces costs, and improves timelines in the product development process.

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