"Systems Engineering and Requirement Management" is an important topic within PLM services. Systems engineering is the process of identifying, analyzing, designing, developing, implementing, and managing the requirements of a product or system. Requirement management is a part of this process and ensures effective identification, tracking, and control of the requirements for a product.
Systems engineering and requirement management typically involve the following steps:
Requirement Identification: The functions, performance characteristics, constraints, and other requirements necessary for the product or system are determined. This step is carried out considering customer demands, market requirements, and legal regulations.
Requirement Analysis: The identified requirements are analyzed in detail, verifying their accuracy, completeness, and consistency. Priorities of requirements are determined, and dependencies are taken into consideration.
Requirement Documentation: The requirements are systematically documented. This ensures clear definition, measurability, traceability, and the ability to update requirements when needed. Requirement documents provide a common understanding among team members and stakeholders.
Requirement Tracking and Control: It is important to monitor and control changes in the identified requirements. Requirement changes are managed properly, and their impacts are evaluated. Following the change management process, the consistency and integrity of requirements are maintained.
Requirement Validation: The fulfillment of the identified requirements by the product or system is validated. This involves testing the requirements, verifying their accuracy, and assessing compliance with acceptance criteria.
Systems engineering and requirement management provide a disciplined approach in the product or system development process. It ensures a clear understanding of customer requirements, design of the product or system accordingly, and ultimately enhances customer satisfaction. Additionally, requirement management enables controlled management of changes and preserves the consistency and integrity of requirements.

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