Teamcenter is a product data management (PDM) and product lifecycle management (PLM) software that is widely used in large-scale manufacturing companies. Teamcenter is designed to store, manage, and collaborate on data in a centralized location.
Teamcenter Active Workspace is the user interface of Teamcenter. It is a user-friendly web-based interface that users can utilize to interact with Teamcenter and access data. Active Workspace provides users with a customizable experience for different roles and tasks and allows quick access to the necessary data.
Teamcenter Active Workspace offers the following features:
Data Access and Visualization: Users can quickly and easily search, view, and analyze product data. They can visualize 2D and 3D CAD data, documents, designs, and other related data.
Collaboration and Communication: Users can collaborate with project team members, provide comments, add notes, and share tasks. Communication and collaboration facilitate project management and enable efficient process execution.
Content Management: Users can perform data storage, classification, revision control, access permissions, and other management tasks. It provides data management functions to ensure data accuracy and integrity.
Workflow and Process Management: Teamcenter Active Workspace enables traceability of data throughout its lifecycle with workflow and process management features. It automates workflows, document approvals, revision processes, and other workflow-based tasks.
Personalization and Customization: Users can personalize and customize the interface according to their preferences. It offers quick access to the necessary data and tools based on the user's role and responsibilities.
Teamcenter Active Workspace is a powerful tool that facilitates collaboration, data access, and management for users.

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